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Speaking with Passion

The most important step after you found your passion is to get your message out there into the world. This means that you have to express yourself. What better way to learn about this from one of the best public speakers in Europe?! Check out his biggest tips…

  1. If you want to get your message out; tell it with energy. 

Energy and passion go hand in hand. It shows that you really feel for the topic you believe in and you would express it with all the guts, all the power you have. Especially important for example in a job interview or a meeting with potential clients.

Want to know some tricks how to get yourself into a energy state?

  • Do the ‘power pose’: flex your arms and then put them in your sides and looking like a superman. Smiling to yourself in front of a mirror helps as well so you feel happy, confident and empowered.
  • Dance BEFORE you have to speak in front of people. Dance in your room alone. Prepare yourself to be ready. Focus on the things you will say.
  • Listen to songs that your know and repeat the words that makes you feel happy and powerful. The beauty of songs is that they take you back into memories, for example “Eye of the Tiger”. It’s a typical song that makes you feel powerful and pumped up.

So, find that thing that gives you positive energy. Make sure that it’s around you when you have to do an important speech, presentation, etc.

  1. If you also want to speak in public; make sure your story is never about you

One has to remember with public speaking that it’s not about you as a speaker, but it’s about the audience. Even if you’re telling you’re story. They should be connected, resonate with you. You have to trigger that emotion.

The best way to do that is when you write your speech, it shouldn’t be all “I did this…, I did that….”, but make people part of your narrative so they can see themselves in your story or not only themselves, but a friend of them, family member who has been in a same kind of situation as you.

When you can trigger that emotion in your audience, that’s when the audience will love you.and applaud for you.

  1. In a job interview; make it a two-way street

A job interview is not a one way street. It’s not just you wanting the job. It’s also about them wanting to hire you.

So the goal is; answer two questions and ask one back. This makes them feel that they also have put effort in getting you into the team.

  1. Always practice your public speaking skills

Public speaking is a very essential skill, doesn’t matter what profession you have, at some point in your life you will need it. It’s not something that can’t be improved. It’s all about practice that makes you shine on stage.

Always remember this phrase: “Practice like you’ve never won, but perform like you’ve never lost”

Want to know more about Sabi or want to know more about public speaking?

Check his website

He does a lot of workshops on public speaking (how to speak like a leader) or 1-on-1 coaching if you want to take your public/presentation skills to a higher level.

What is your biggest challenge of getting your message out to the world? Let us know in the comments

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